Saturday, July 9, 2016

AX 7 Tips

Tip1: How to run a Runnable class directly from Web browser:
syntax: https://<aosUrl>/?mi=SysClassRunner&cls=<RunnableClassName>


an FYI...Runnable is just a regular class with Main method (main method is the starting point)

Tip2: AX dlls needed in a C# Project:

Tip3: Not able to break into X++ code or C# code, then here is your solution:
You may need to manually load the debug Info files(.dll, .pdb, .netModule)  through the VS -> Debug -> Modules window -> Search for C# namespace or X++ class name) -> Load Symbols

Tip4:   you can manually attach the VS debugger to worker process : VS -> Debug -> Process -> W3Wp.exe . In the case of AX 2012 you would attach the VS debugger to "AX32Serv.exe" process to debug anything that always runs in CLR, Example: Services.
(Also you don't need to set an aot element as "Start Up Object" in VS every time, you just need to know how run your object directly from the web browser)

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